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To serve me

While it’s possible to experience many different kinds of BDSM scenario’s in My dungeon, the following
are definitely a no-go:

One on one sex, coprophilia, infantilism, permanent injuries and you will NEVER see me naked!

A session can go from minimum half an hour up to a whole day but only after careful deliberation and consent.

Overnight sessions are also possible in order to experience fully:


These experiences require absolute dedication and commitment of My submissives so carefully think this
trough before you decide.

Upon request and after consultation, photos can be taken during your stay in My dungeon.

To meet Me outside the dungeon is open for discussion but only to escort you to parties within the lifestyle. I do not do escort in a hotel of at your home.

Small meetings with specific topics such as male and female slaves, transvestism, rubber, corseting, high heel lovers, spanking, ... are also an option to be considered.

A colleague Mistress and/or My regular female salve will usually be present at these type of meetings.

Respect and hygiene are an absolute must, last minute cancellation and fakers are unacceptable.

Of course there are rules associated with the session: I'm never naked, nor will I be tempted to any intimate contact.