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School training

I am a strict Mistress with extensive experience in dealing with naughty adult schoolboys and gladly invites new students in My classroom. Several lessons can be learned, but naughty students can count on a well-deserved punishment.

My favorite activity is to punish naughty boys by laying them over My knee and by punishing them by means of spanking. I guarantee that I am one of the hardest spanking experts using My hands. There is a great possibility that tears will run on your cheeks, after you have felt My merciless hand on your ass.

Corporal punishment is also possible with the hairbrush or with the cane on your ass provided for only his purpose. Therefore it is in your interest to indicate clearly in advance if you wish a milder punishment.

Over the years I have gathered a large collection of castigation objects, which I will gladly use for different purposes.

You can make an appointment with Me as headmaster, strict aunt, sadistic police woman or in a military uniform.