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Maid training

Which man or woman thinks that he or she is born to serve and to be trained in order to become the perfect house slave / servant ?


With My current dungeon being on a discreet location, I am able again to realize one of My favorite activities : the educating and training of true submissives into the perfect house maid.

Acquaintances know that I am a perfectionist in the field of behavior and rules of politeness. In the end My intention is to create  a perfect house slave, or :




Those who are interested to offer themselves to Me in order to be trained, must understand that I also want to enjoy Myself during this training. This means that I will regularly “abuse” My students in order to amuse Myself.


During the course you will be forced to give your body to Me. Removal of body hair, painting nails, wearing make-up, wearing a chastity belt ( even permanently), preparing a simple meal and serving our guests (guest Mistress(es)), are all part of the training. Pain management, inserting dildos and plugs are also part of the total package.


The course is open to all who feel themselves suited for it. Experience, age, sexual orientation or gender do not matter for Me because at the end of the course everyone will be the same.


There are some important rules of accession.


Having no life companion or with his or her consent , absolute hygiene, having enough financial capacity in order to meet My requirements towards your appearance  (for instance clothing !), having the time  to attend a session regularly, having a computer with camera, being completely submissive or having the willingness to become this way, being prepared to have your sexual pleasure being restricted by means of a chastity belt or My desire.


If you feel this is what you want, then sign up in the usual way (see Contact).


After the course is completed, this will be the result :


Your behavior and attitude are just like a dominant wishes a submissive woman to be.
You walk and move gracefully in high heels. As a trained slave you can offer a perfect service to guests and you can also be lended for such purpose. You know how to handle sexual stimulation and incitements without
that they are necessarily followed by an orgasm. And of course I will teach you how to deal with psychological and physical pain.


The course lasts 3 months, with at least 1 or 2 days training a month and weekly online supervising.


Afterwards the best applicants will regularly be summoned by Me in order to take care of Me or My friends.