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I offer a keyholder service to a few chosen ones. In fact it is more than a service…

I not only offer a keyholder service, but a personal privilege to become one of my favourite subs, who will be completely subjugated by Me in order to satisfy My needs and preferences.


As you know, I am a strict and very dominant, experienced BDSM Mistress, for Whom this is a way of life. In order to become even more independent and to be able to devote even more time to My preferences, I am looking for a few devoted subs, who will utterly surrender themselves to Me. They will obey Me completely and will undergo My total domination.


If you think you can live as My slave who totally belongs to Me, you will permanently wear a chastity belt and regularly be called upon by Me to satisfy My sadistic tendencies and exciting pleasures.  I will mould you into the slave who I wish you to be and there for a few suitable lucky ones will be chosen to be completely
transformed in order to become My privileged submissives.


For those who will be chosen to offer themselves, I will demand that they purchase a cb 2000, a cb 3000, or after consultation another type of belt, which will be worn constantly. In order to be able to supervise you on a daily basis, when you don’t have a session with Me, you will need to have a webcam, so that I can follow the assignments I gave you and observe every possible development.


Because I want to supervise My chastity-subs at regular intervals, I demand at least a monthly visit to My dungeon. Knowing that during the trip to My dungeon  you are wearing certain attributes, will only increase My excitement and enjoyment, so that the visits will become very special.


Know that no infractions will be tolerated.
Fouls or shortcomings will irrevocably lead to the definite termination of My attention.

I will only allow exceptions after careful consideration, and you will always have to face the necessary measures.

It is also very important to know that all who address me must understand that the exceptional service that I offer, means that you will completely belong to Me !

Wearing the belt and potentially other attributes will be the symbol that you are My sub and that you belong to Me, that I am your GODDESS !


For Me this is not a game for one day, one week or one month but a lifestyle.

I only foresee time for a few applicants but those who will prove to be worthy of Me, will experience the most exceptional time of their life. Many men and women fantasize about this but few will really enjoy it !

If deep in your heart you really want this, donot hesitate to contact me by means of  an elaborate written entry  with a good motivation of the reasons why you want this and especially why you chose Me.


Remarks for those who are interested :

- If you have a relationship or you are married and it has to be kept anonymous… do not react… come to  My       dungeon when you see fit.

- If you are not willing to commit for the full 100%... do not react..

- If you are not fit and healthy or you have financial troubles, then you will never be able to handle this… do not

- If you are afraid of what people in the vanilla world will notice or say… do not react.

- If you can not find the time when I ask you to ( in agreement of course)… do not react.


All other applicants, do not hesitate and react. Be prepared to take a new step in your submissive life and to experience something unique.